EnviroKure - The New Standard in Liquid Organic Ferilizer

EnviroKure Organic Sustainable Fertilizer is made from Poultry Manure.

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Our sustainable liquid fertilizer organically stimulates dynamic microbial activity to restore soil health.

EnviroKure manufactures a full line of organic products that are easy to use as broadcast, starter, side dress and folidar without clogging, including:

EK-L Foliar

EK-L Soil Builder 1.5-0-1

Building Blocks for Organic Success

The proprietary EnviroKure process transforms the manure into a low odor, pathogen-free fertilizer with vital nutrients and beneficial bacteria. It improves soil health and supplies amino acids to build plant health. The unique product meets USDA Organic Program requirements.

With the ease and convenience of our premium liquid fertilizer, we accommodate all current application methods, enabling the increased yields expected from precision application.

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